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What Our Mangers  Have to Say About Us


I joined Hamilton Mortgage Corporation in January, 1993 as Branch Manager of the only Huntsville Office at that time.  Coming to work with Hamilton has proven to be the best career decision I have ever made.  The support from Main Office staff provides for quick underwriting turn time and smooth closings.  I am here until I retire.    Betty Whiteley   Manager


I have worked with Hamilton as a broker for several years, never before in my many years as a broker have I had such wonderful and personal service. When given a chance to become a Hamilton branch it was an answer to all my business needs. I have edocuments between my customers and underwriting, instant messaging to processing, and all my documents are within the LOS for closing. The longest delay we have is the RESPA 8 days. Please feel free to call me at 865-659-1722.  John Brown, Manager, Knoxville, Tennessee


Good morning Jim,

I just wanted to say thank you to the entire staff for 3 very smooth closings yesterday the last day of the month!

It’s rare for me to have 3 closings in one day, but they were all mine. Closing 3 in one day and the dozens we have closed recently with Hamilton does prove a point to me. There is an easier, more effective way to do business and it is through you, Lara, Liz, Heather and the entire group at Hamilton. Brokering is not rewarding anymore due to all the hoops and challenges that the business is putting in front of every broker. Having a team, like yours, to call on, get answers and respond to our requests when we need them makes the business of closing loans rewarding and fun again.

I’m sure you hear plenty of whining and wanted to thank everyone there for a smooth fun day where all the involved parties were very happy.

Thank you, I look forward to many years of smooth closings with you and your team!

 Bob Rogers,  Branch Manager

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