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Hamilton Mortgage Corporation incorporated in 1989 in Birmingham, Alabama with its beginnings founded in the traditions of mortgage banking.  Hamilton quickly grew as a premier lender in its area, becoming a highly proficient lender in the conforming market and gaining approvals through Federal Housing Administration, National Rural Development and the Veterans Administration.  As our business grew, so did our ability to meet our customers' needs.  We quickly began searching and gaining approvals from a number of competitive investors allowing us to stay competitive with the evolving market of consumer residential finance.


     As we have now entered into the realm of originator branch Lending, we applied the same methods that we had developed in becoming one of Alabama's leading lenders to the way that we approached retail branch operation.  We are employing the Encompass LOS connected to our server that allows loan applications taken remotely to simultaneously be in Hamilton’s system. We have, with a click, programmed electronic documents to move to underwriting  and access to deciSions, Hamilton’s product pricing engine, makes pricing easy. We strive for nothing less than to ensure the success of our retail business through proactive competent competitive services.  We take pride in our abilities to meet our customers demands and we believe in creating loyalty by providing the services we know our customers need and in time frames that are appropriate.


     Today, Hamilton Mortgage Corporation services the Southeast Region in the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia.  To service the wide variety of territories, we have large and medium size national banks as well as financially sound thrifts that are among the investors purchasing our loans.  As our markets change and the demands from our customers grow, we will add and adapt our investor base as needed to ensure that we provide those products that are in demand and needed by our clients.


     Hamilton Mortgage Corporation has grown our organization steadily one relationship at a time.  At a time when everyone talks about service, we know from being there that they don't always mean it.  At Hamilton Mortgage, we strive to be large enough to provide the best service available and small enough to remember who our customer really is.  We know what service is, and we deliver!

Contact our Birmingham, Alabama, mortgage company and let our mortgage brokers assist you with real estate loans.

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